New Venja album < G.U > Volume 2 release!

April 11, 2020 in Home

I’m very happy to announce a new Galactic Underground album: volume 2!
Release is scheduled for May 1st for digital download, CD release will be one week later.

With this second Galactic Underground album Venja embarks on an epic journey through space and time.
It is Venja’s observation of the craziness of mankind as well: the world is getting out of control in a dark and unknown era. But there’s hope, light at the end of tunnel as this album concludes with “Novae Terrae”, a new earth!
Let this album grab you with vast, wide and orchestral sounding synth layers, powerful sweeps, dark choruses, deep empowering bass and glitchy sounds!
For this album Venja invited guest musicians Michaels Stearns, Erik Wøllo and Nyoko Mizuki !

Buy Venja music

April 11, 2020 in Home

From now on you can buy all Venja albums online again.
We use the renown Bandcamp to offer Venja music to you.
All older albums are available digitally and are remastered as well, just to meet the modern detailed audio standards!
Pricing is kept very reasonable, some tracks or albums are even available for free!