Where to get Venja-CDs:

Syngate_logo2Through Syngate Records: Albums Mode Zen and Shapeshifter, click images of the albums to buy.     Click for info             Venja---Shapeshifter---LoRes            
cdbaby-music-store-logoThrough CB-Baby: Albums Mode Zen, Various Collections and the single The Rainforest Dance. Click image to go to the CDbaby store.   ModeZenHoesKl          
  "Mode Zen" can be obtained at the following retailers and record stores as well. The list here will be updated frequently, so please check back soon. Belgium: ProxisazurFree Record ShopCosmoxBol The Netherlands: Groove Unlimited,  Bol Germany: Spheric MusicCue Records, jpc, booklooker Switserland: Exlibris Denmark: imusic.dk Austria: inandout.at Spain: Diskpol Poland: Ricochet Dream U.K.: Compact Disk Services U.S.A. : CD-UniverseCD Baby, CC-Music.com, Deep Discount, Great Indie, Sams Bellevillein and out Recordsi-distro, Junglee, SamsBelleVille Australia: Jelly Sounds Japan: amazon.com.jp International: DiscogsCD Baby list to be frequently updated... Is your specialized store not listed then ask your local record store to carry Venja music. Are you a retailer and interested in carrying Venja music? Then get in contact with us.