Johan, or the man behind Venja.FB_avatar_keys_sml
Making music has been in his blood since his childhood days.  It made his parents decide that he should get some music education... So he learned to play guitar, flute, keyboards etc...

Thanks to a school friend he learned about the synthesizer. Its endless sound capabilities changed his musical life completely.  A bit later he and his cousin founded the electro/new wave band ‘Another Season’. After that he decided to start a solo-project: Venja. Using a self built synthesizer and some other custom made equipment he released his first album ‘Modesty’. Indeed a very modest album at that time.

1987:  Release of the very first album "Modesty".
1995:  Signed by the prestigious German record label  IC/Digit Music: release of 5 albums. 
1997:  Winner of the soundtrack competition "Limbomania".
1997:  Composer for many TV-tunes for TV-Limburg.
1998:  Sound designer for interactive Tele-Text INDI (Het Belang Van Limburg).
1998:  Soundtrack for Interelectra, promotional clip.
1998:  Promo-tune for Local TV-station Maasland.
2003:  DA-Music (Deutsche Austrophon): released 3 albums.
2013:  Mode Zen released by B-Wave.
2014:  360° movie: live soundtrack "Space Opera", Cosmodrome Planetarium Genk.
2016:  Syngate: Shapeshifter.
2017:  30 years of Venja-music !
2017:  Galactic Underground: an entirely new project and 3D-album !

Concerts in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands: solo, festivals, planetaria etc.
Compositions for documentaries, supporting tunes etc.
Many airplays on radio and TV.


You also may view a complete listing here, including compilations albums.


  • 1987  Modesty
  • 1989  Touched by Emotions
  • 1991  Cloudscapes - (The Rose Technology)
  • 1992  Rapture!  -  (Art for Ears)


  • 1993  Arcadia (feat. Reinhilde Weytjens) -  (Art for Ears)
  • 1995  Cashmere Moon (feat. Reinhilde Weytjens)  -  (IC/Digit Music)
  • 1996  A Dash Of Soul (feat. Reinhilde Weytjens)  -  (IC/Digit Music)
  • 1996  Floating Silence  -  (IC/Digit Music)
  • 1997  Rapture!  -  (IC/Digit Music)
  • 1999  Curves  -  (IC/Digit Music)
  • 2003  Wellness For Your Spirit  -  (Deutsche Austrophon/DA-Music)
  • 2005  Fantasy Journeys   -  (Deutsche Austrophon/DA-Music)
  • 2010  Fantasy Journeys vol.2  -  (Deutsche Austrophon/DA-Music)
  • 2013  Mode Zen (feat. Reinhilde Weytjens)  -  (B-Wave)
  • 2016  Shapeshifter - (Syngate)
  • 2017  Galactic Underground (feat. Robert Rich, Erik Wollo, Roksana Vikaluk)- (Wool-E-Discs)

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