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Venja is a composer, sound designer and producer of the more quiet music styles such as chill, ambient, electronic and space music. His music is often used for "themed" purposes, films, commercials or documentaries.



GALACTIC UNDERGROUND or <G.U> is the new project of Venja !

I am happy to announce the first release of my new project GALACTIC UNDERGROUND.
Featuring reknown artists Erik Wøllo, Roksana Vikaluk and Robert Rich.
You can order it right now at Wool-E Discs Bandcamp store!

About the album:
- The printing of the entire CD-box consists of some unique 3D pictures from Patrick Vantuyne, who made these for NASA !
- Large 6 page DVD-style digipack.
- Included is a poster (also a printed 3D picture).
- Included is a pair of 3D glasses in order to view the cover and poster in real 3D !
- Order the CD now at Bandcamp and you get a downloadable bonus track on top ...